3 Year Carniversary!!!😃

Today is a day of HUGE SIGNIFICANCE for me… It’s my 3 year Carniversary!!!😃🙌🏽🥩🍳🐟💪🏽

Over the last 3 years, I’ve eaten a specific type of Ancestral Diet, which includes foods only from the animal kingdom 99% of the time! Some people call it Carnivore and some Zero Carb!

Nothing can put a price on the fact that with this W.O.E. (way of eating), I have regained the vast majority of my health, which was once taken away!!!🤯

I’m truly grateful for my Ancestral Eating journey! It has saved my life!👏🏽

Because of my food sensitivities to plant foods, I made the decision to remove them from my diet, and though it wasn’t always easy and the taste of sweet was something I initially missed… Here are just a few of the things that I no longer suffer from, which made the sacrifices truly worth it…

⭕️ Chronic Migraines

⭕️ Debilitating Menstrual Cramps

⭕️ Hormone Imbalances

⭕️ Insomnia

⭕️ Digestive Issues

⭕️ Incessant and Extreme Lethargy/Fatigue

⭕️ Short Term Memory Loss

⭕️ Essential Tremors

And so much more… GONE!!!🙌🏽😃

Because our health is truly wealth… I have been given a new lease on life!🙏🏽

The journey is just beginning, as my body and mind continue to heal… And it will continue to be one of my life’s greatest honors, to help others do the same!🙋🏻‍♀️

Blessings and wellness to all!!!❤️💪🏽

📸 Credit: Anuar Aly

💄 Credit: Marcela

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