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In this 6 week Online Nutrition course entitled, Halo’s for Health: Plus Wings, I will help those struggling with chronic illness, physical ailments, and obesity learn to restore their bodies.

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Ketogenic & Paleo Lifestyle Education

An Ancestral, Whole Foods eating approach to a healthy Low Carb Ketogenic Lifestyle. Learn all about the nutrition myths that are keeping us sick.

Disease &
Illness Prevention

Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Chronic Ailments, Aches & Pains, and Regain Energy and Vitality. Take preventative measures before illness attempts to take hold.

Weight Loss Management

Become a Fat Burning Machine while enjoying delicious and satiating food. Break-up with calories, while experiencing effortless weight loss and better body composition.

Meet Maya Angel

I started Angel’s Nutrition and Wellness to teach people how to regain their health. The issues I’m solving for my clients are: 

1) Reversing Chronic Illness 

2) Combatting Obesity. 

Before they become my clients. many individuals struggle to get healthy and lose weight because of an overwhelming amount of nutrition misinformation out there. Also, because many doctor recommendations, which often include medication, simply masks the symptoms of disease and does not treat the root causes. 

My customers care about these issues because regaining their health means that they will have a true quality of life, which will allow them to live optimally for themselves and their loved ones.

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Client Testimonials

"My name is Evelyn and I started on Keto in mid-March of 2019. My goal was to lose 10 lbs, which you may think is easy. However, when you are in your 50s, menopausal, pre-diabetic and insulin resistant, it is not an easy task.

I had many questions and Maya always was extremely patient, very knowledgeable and willing to provide me with her guidance. Maya made herself accessible all the time. She was quick to respond to my messages and provided me with websites, recipes, and stores where I could get the best food bargains. Being on keto has been the easiest and best nutrition plan I have ever been on. I feel energetic, my joints don’t hurt, I can think clearly, migraines are gone, and I feel terrific! My friends are amazed at how healthy and happy I look. Thank you, Maya, for all your support! You are amazing!"
Evelyn Wight Loss Testimonial Photo
Evelyn Batres -55
School Counselor
"I began my journey with Angel’s Nutrition on 8/18/19. I was 20+ pounds over weight. The year before I spent over $2,000 with Jenny Craig, never quite reaching my goal. As soon as I went off the Craig food I gained most of the weight back.

With the guidance of Maya, in the past eight months I have learned through nutrition, how to heal my body. Through this journey I have lost 20 lbs. and the healthiest I have ever been. Yes I still have hay fever, but thats due to the pollen from trees, weeds and grass.

If you want to feel better and maintain weight, I strongly recommend Angel’s Nutrition and Wellness."
Lora Davis -67
Retired Engineer
“I first heard about Maya’s nutrition business, after seeing an ad on Social Media. I decided to try a Keto lifestyle because I had been a vegetarian for about 13 years, and I ended up suffering a stroke at 41 years old. The one thing I was trying to avoid by not eating meat. I figured that whatever I was doing and what I thought was healthy eating was wrong, so why not try Keto.

After consulting with Maya, I have now become more knowledgeable and aware about my nutritional needs. Maya is very passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition, and I believe and feel she really wants to help people get healthy!.”
Freddy Harris -43
"I’ve dealt with many different people on my own journey through health and fitness and Maya Angel is by far the most sincere and compassionate and patient nutritionist I’ve ever come across."
Tamika Buenrostro -39
Hair Stylist
"I started full Keto under Maya Angel's guidance about 6 months ago. I started out weighing 230 pounds. I'm down to 195 right now and I'm feeling better than I have ever felt. The change in energy level is crazy noticeable. Part of the reason it was so easy to lose weight is the energy that comes from all the delicious keto food. The Ketogenic lifestyle is so so sustainable because I can snack on almonds, bacon, cheese, and guacamole."
Mo Shafik -39
Insurance Broker
"As I was searching for information on the Keto diet, my cousin shared with me that Maya Angel is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in the Keto diet, and that I should make contact with her. And I’m so very glad that I did. Our son and grandson did Keto together and each lost about 50lbs, so I was very intrigued with their success and learning more about the Keto way of life. This way of eating has reduced inflammation in my body and the accompanying swelling in my joints, easing the significant pain I was experiencing. This is a huge improvement in my everyday life!

I have truly enjoyed working with Maya Angel. She customizes eating plans for you and your specific health needs and goals. She understands that communication is key and she listens to you, asking the relevant questions necessary so she can get to work for you. I highly recommend Maya Angel as you begin your journey on a Keto or Carnivore way of eating. Every journey begins with one small step...
Elizabeth Juarez-Brockway -68
Retired Construction Company President

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Angel’s Nutrition and Wellness provides Ketogenic Nutrition Courses and Consults
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