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“Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food.”
– Hippocrates


Brief list of FAQs

Is a Free Demo Call necessary and required for me to join the Halo’s for Health Online Keto Nutrition Course?

Though the Free Demo Call isn’t 100 percent required, it is absolutely recommended! The Free Demo Call is where you can properly communicate your health needs to Miss Angel, and this is where you will truly learn if the Halo’s for Health program is a good fit for you!

Will I have access to Miss Angel after I have completed the Halo’s for Health Online Keto Nutrition Course?

YES. After the completion of the 6 week course, Maya Angel will still be available to assist you as your coach, during business hours. You may contact her via email if you have any questions. If an Online follow-up meeting is desired, Maya will be happy to schedule a follow-up session with you for a modest fee.

Are there payment plans available for the Halo’s for Health Online Keto Nutrition Course?

YES. Payment plans are available upon request, before you book and begin the Halo’s for Health Course.

If I pay in full for the Halo’s for Health Online Keto Course, can I get a second FREE follow-up session with Maya.

YES. All of my client’s who pay in full for either the Group or 1 on 1, Halo’s for Health, Coaching Sessions, will receive a free 30 minute Follow-Up with Miss Angel.

Am I a good fit for the Halo’s for Health program, no matter what chronic health issues or ailments I may suffer from?

YES and NO. Even though Ancestral Eating and a Ketogenic/Paleo Lifestyle is the proper human diet which can help most with chronic health issues… There are a few exceptions. For instance, those who suffer from advanced stage Kidney Disease must work with their doctors in an attempt to improve their kidney function to a specific level, before beginning a Ketogenic lifestyle. There are a few others chronic illnesses that may make a Ketogenic lifestyle difficult to attempt. If you are unsure based on your current condition, book a Free Demo Call, where figuring out if you are a good fit, will be thoroughly discussed. (Disclaimer: Always consult your general practitioner/physician before beginning any new dietary lifestyle.)

Is the Halo’s for Health Online Keto Course for me, if I am a Vegan?

Unfortunately, NO. Unless you are open to more of a Vegetarian lifestyle, which includes both Eggs and Fish, my approach to ancestral eating will not be a good fit. Angel’s Nutrition and Wellness, believes and has been witness to the nutrient dense healing powers of animal proteins and fats. They are in fact our foundation. Without the healing properties from an animal based approach, optimum levels of energy and vitality may not be restored.